About Joint Venture

NMIET B- SCHOOL is the joint venture of NMIET (NM Institute of Engineering and Technology) one of the best educational institute in the state and Pinnacle Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. (The Leading HR Consulting Company). Both organizations have collaborated to bridge the gap between education and employment. Their primary goal is to create a seamless interface between educational institutes and industries.

One of their key focuses is on providing quality and professional education to students. It aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge required for their chosen fields. Additionally, they strive to empower students by offering them opportunities to establish strong connections with the corporate world. This enables students to have better access to job opportunities and professional networks.

One unique concept that NMIET and PINNACLE work on is the “EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” approach. This means that students have the opportunity to gain practical experience and earn a living while pursuing their education. This concept not only helps students financially but also provides them with valuable hands-on experience in real-world work environments.

Furthermore, NMIET and PINNACLE focus on nurturing young talent and inspiring students to become effective leaders who can make significant contributions to society. it aims to instill leadership qualities and a sense of social responsibility in students, encouraging them to positively impact their communities.

The organizations also believe in the “recruit-train-hire” concept, which means that they collaborate with industries to identify job opportunities and then provide the necessary training to students to meet the demands of those roles. This approach increases the employability of students and enhances their chances of being hired by leading organizations.

NMIET and PINNACLE join hands together to develop employability skills among students, enabling them to actively participate in the workforce. By offering quality education, fostering corporate connections, implementing unique learning models, and emphasizing leadership and societal contributions, they strive to create a well-rounded and capable workforce.